CCM is focused on positive societal and environmental outcomes for our investors, staying true to our investment beliefs with an impact investing process that provides greater transparency. Within our fixed income portfolios, clients can direct their capital to specific impact themes or geographies.  This customization can take place in our mutual fund (CRA Qualified Investment Fund Institutional Shares, ticker: CRANX) with a minimum initial investment of $500,000 and/or in a separately managed account with a minimum initial investment of $10 million. Investments that direct capital to geographic areas can target at the state and/or county level. Investments that direct capital to impact themes can target one or more of eighteen impact themes (click here for full descriptions of all 18 themes). For institutional investors interested in customization in the CRA Qualified Investment Fund, please complete the impact targeting form below.

Impact Targeting Form

Geographic Targeting:

Thematic Targeting:

2017: Impact by State
  • Invested < $1MM
  • Invested $1MM - $5MM
  • Invested $5MM - $10MM
  • Invested $10MM - $25MM
  • Invested $25MM - $50MM
  • Invested $50MM - $100MM
  • Invested > $100MM

  • Affordable Housing 41.8%
  • Minority Neighborhoods 19.6%
  • Seniors/Disabled 13.2%
  • Human Empowerment 4.5%
  • Environmental Sustainability 3.9%
  • Affordable Health/Rehab Care 3.2%
  • Rural Community Development 2.8%
  • Education/Childcare 2.3%
  • Healthy Communities 2.0%
  • Neighborhood Revitalization 1.8%
  • Enterprise Development/Jobs 1.7%
  • Gender Lens 1.4%
  • Government Supported Communities 0.8%
  • Transit-Oriented Development 0.6%
  • Disaster Recovery 0.4%
  • Arts & Culture < 0.1%
  • Sustainable Agriculture < 0.1%
2017: Impact by Theme

Pie chart is for illustrative purposes only and does not represent actual percentage breakdown of impact themes. A full list of regulatory disclosures for Community Capital Management, Inc. are available by visiting: