Community Capital Management, LLC (CCM) is an independently owned investment adviser with a 24-year history of client customization and management of impact and ESG investment strategies. To date, we have invested approximately $15.8 billion in impact and ESG investments across the United States on behalf of a diversified client base of investors.

CCM was founded in 1998 and manages approximately $5.8 billion in assets. CCM works with coalitions of investor organizations and advocacy groups to promote the incorporation of impact and ESG factors into investment decision-making. We look to add value in these organizations through leadership roles, engagement activities, and committee participation. Examples include CCM being a signatory to the PRI, Women’s Empowerment Principles, and the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative and aligning our impact themes with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. We report to clients on the positive impact outcomes of their investments and offer institutional clients (meeting minimum requirements) the opportunity to customize their fixed income portfolios by geographies, impact themes, and/or impact initiatives. Working through a network of investment consultants and advisors, we serve a wide variety of clients including faith-based investors, endowments, foundations, healthcare organizations, insurance companies, non-profits, public funds, and high net worth individuals.

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