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Impact Investing

CCM manages fixed income impact investments.  A primary component and benefit of CCM’s fixed income impact investing strategy is its pioneering research method, which combines Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG)/impact research with financial analysis.  This approach provides an added layer of investment transparency by detailing the use of bond proceeds and providing a full understanding of the programs being financed.  

Clients have the opportunity for their investments to support specific impact themes or geographies.  Based on elected targets, the investment team seeks bonds whose proceeds benefit those requested screens.  In addition to traditional financial reporting, clients receive detailed impact reports outlining the impact initiatives being financed.  Since 1999, CCM has invested over $7.5 billion in impact initiatives nationwide on behalf of its clients, generating results that make a powerful impact. 

For more information and to discuss how a portfolio can be customized to align with your geography or impact objectives, please contact Jamie Horwitz at 954-217-7999 or at jhorwitz@ccminvests.com.