20th Anniversary

Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends:

CCM is proud to celebrate 20 years of achieving our mission of delivering superior risk-adjusted returns through investment strategies that contribute to positive environmental and social outcomes. As we reflect on the past 20 years, we are so pleased with our role in the evolution of impact and ESG investing.

In 1999, we launched an innovative mutual fund, one that enables shareholders to customize their investments into specific communities of their choosing while supporting vital community development activities such as affordable housing, job creation, and neighborhood revitalization. It started with our first bank shareholder, Monroe Bank and Trust, and has since morphed into more than 300 financial institutions and hundreds of institutional shareholders – including religious organizations, foundations, nonprofits, and high net worth investors – seeking a bespoke impact investing vehicle.

In 2001, our first separate account client – a Foundation – sought a customized approach to achieve their mission.  Since then, our impact customization capabilities have grown and diversified in conjunction with our client base. Thanks to your input and confidence in CCM, we have invested close to $10 billion across 18 positive impact themes including environmental sustainability, disaster recovery, gender lens, and affordable housing, among others. In fact, our first gender lens investment was made in 2002, and our first green investment was in 2000, long before both gender lens and environmental sustainability were impact investing themes.

We have been able to achieve these powerful impact results while also providing returns that are consistent with an intermediate core mandate, but with lower volatility and greater diversification than most other core managers who closely track the Bloomberg Barclays Aggregate Index (“Index”).  To illustrate, we looked at calendar year returns since our flagship Core Fixed Income Composite’s inception and found that in the years when credit was the worst performing major sector of the Index, the Composite outperformed 83% of the time.  Conversely, in the years when credit was the best performing major sector of the Index, the Composite underperformed 78% of the time. Looking at the last 20 years when credit neither led nor trailed, the Composite outperformed 75% of the time.  This return pattern has given our clients better portfolio stability in times when they needed it most. This was especially evident in 2008 when many Core managers posted negative results due to their heavy corporate bond exposure. Additionally, for clients who use optimization techniques to determine asset allocation, this return pattern can allow the ability to allocate to other strategies in higher-risk asset classes than if they had invested in a traditional core bond mandate with a heavy allocation to corporate bonds.

Our tradition of creating impact and ESG investing products with the goal of highly consistent return streams and lower risk profiles expanded in 2013 with a market-neutral, income-oriented ESG fund, and, in 2018, with two equity impact and ESG strategies.

We are excited about the advancement of impact and ESG investing and continuing to help you achieve your specific impact and investment goals via customized, positive impact portfolios. 

Thank you again for your support.


Todd Cohen


Alyssa Greenspan, CFA



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