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Investment Strategies

Community Capital Management (CCM) works with clients in creating customized separate accounts based on specific mandates.  This flexibility allows investors the opportunity to tailor their needs based on risk tolerance and long-term objectives.  Investors in separate accounts own the securities in the portfolio.  Benefits include individual security reporting, customized quarterly financial reporting (and customized impact reporting for impact investing separate accounts), comprehensive due diligence, and rebalancing of portfolios to reflect a specific client need.

CCM currently offers three strategies:

  • Intermediate Fixed Income
  • Liquid Alternative Income
  • Short Duration

In addition to serving large institutional clients, CCM’s strategies are also available to financial advisers and individual investors through the Community Capital Trust, a family of mutual funds that include fixed income (CRA Qualified Investment Fund) and liquid alternative income (CCM Alternative Income Fund).

For more information about a specific strategy, please select a strategy name on the right.  To learn more about how to invest with CCM or request specific information regarding the strategies, please contact James Malone at 954-217-7999 or at jmalone@ccminvests.com.